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Our Mission

•The school always maintains & promote a student friendly, secular, opportunity for all environment. 
•This will be strengthening further.
•The school will continuously strive for improved school attendance, performance of students, promoting English & Hindi language and overall personality of students through various inter-intra class competitions.
•Addressing social causes, promoting social awareness, sensitizing community through students on social issues.
•The school will provide its teachers & students all the basic facilities in teaching/sports, promoting overall personality development of the children.


•To Provide a multifaceted opportunity to the Learner, inculcating all that which can make him a meaningful part of globe, make others pride on his/ her existence.

Quality Policy

NEW ERA ACADEMY School aims to offer value based quality education for the empowerment of all student from all strata of society by promoting academic excellence, employability and leadership with social commitment. To nurture young minds with values, knowledge and skills so as to equip them to earn a life of dignity and become proud successful citizens of our country.

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